The Kinematic Sequence

There are no two swings that are alike, most people have heard this, and if you haven't, then you have learned something new today! So, if no two swings are the same, how do we determine what golf swing is best? The answer... The one that is most efficient.

The kinematic sequence is the one thing that most tour professionals have in common, and it is measurable! At Bend Golf Performance, we have access to 3D biomechanics equipment that provides us with data to construct the kinematic sequence. If that doesn't impress you, we are able to construct a skeleton of your body, which shows your swing in all three dimensions. With all that power, we are able to see where your sequence suffers, or better yet, where you can improve. Having access to technology that can not be found in most places in the US, means a greater opportunity for you to become a more efficient player in less time. Get tested, and see the results!